Roasted herb salmon with caper lentils

And finally on to the first recipe!

I decided to start with the salmon, since I had a huge sockeye salmon in the freezer and I have to eat down the freezer in order to make room for more food from the old place. I decided to pair two recipes – roasted herb salmon with the caper lentils from another salmon recipe. I love capers and I am always looking for ways to make lentils taste amazing, so I had high hopes here.

The salmon was a relatively simple preparation – olive oil, lemon, and dill. I added salt and pepper. I don’t need a cookbook for that! The lentils were sauteed with carrot, celery and onion (which did NOT only take 5 minutes to soften…), and then mixed capers, lemon and butter at the end.

This was a solid meal. I definitely overcooked the salmon, but that is my fault, not the book! The lentils were good, but not amazing. They needed a bit more zing. Maybe a bit more lemon juice. But this would also go well with a dressing I really like with anchovy and dijon mustard. For me, that dressing would elevate the lentils to amazing – and then they would be really tasty cold too.

I think I might flake up a bit more of the salmon and eat it for breakfast tomorrow. Then I’ll use the rest of the salmon for his taco recipe. The rest of the lentils will be used for his stuffed portobello mushrooms, or for lentil taco filling I have to make for Friday.




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