Chipotle salmon tacos

I didn’t promise good pictures!

I decided to use the leftover salmon to make the chipotle salmon tacos. But it’s not really fair to judge the recipe by what I did because I made a TON of substitutions.

His tacos have the leftover salmon warmed with oil and chipotle chile pepper (dried). I did that, but used cajun seasoning instead. His tacos have a lime dill sauce made with dill seeds and sour cream. I used yogurt and fresh dill, since that’s what I had (I generally don’t buy sour cream). His tacos have red onion. I did a quick pickle of mine for some extra kick. His tacos have spinach. I used kale. He added cheese. I used avocado. Instead of tortilla, I used flatbread I had in the freezer that I had made…months and months ago.

And it was all quite tasty! Mine was more like a sandwich than a taco, but the idea isn’t that far off. I loved the lime in the dressing and the kick from the pickled onion. Definitely a tasty way to use up some leftover fish. It also works well as a salad if you don’t have the tortilla handy.

Recipe inspiration from a cookbook is just as good as following it closely!




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