Ginger pineapple fried rice

Last night I made a pot of rice. At 10pm (!) tonight I decided to make a batch of fried rice with it. I love fried rice – a very tasty, quick one pot meal. I happened to have bought a pineapple the other day (and it was already cut up), so it was a perfect time to try the Ginger PineappleĀ  Fried Rice in the cookbook.

Of course, I made a few modifications to the recipe. I added some chicken and some frozen spinach (no peas in the freezer). Otherwise, I followed it! I sauteed the chicken, then the pineapple, added shallots/ginger/garlic, added the chicken back in, added the sauce (just rice vinegar, soy sauce and fish sauce), then added the spinach and the egg.

Definitely a successful recipe. It brings me back to my days eating the takeout Chinese food of the small town prairies. Definitely not authentic, but I don’t really care – as long as something is tasty, I’ll eat it!



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