Rice-stuffed red peppers

The next leftover rice recipe is rice-stuffed red peppers. Again, I altered this recipe to suit what I had in the fridge, and what I like. The original recipe had serrano pepper, paprika and cheddar cheese, for more of a Tex Mex feel (which is a theme in this book!). I am not a huge fan of hot peppers, so I decided to leave it out and go with a more Italian feel. I had a jar of home canned tomatoes from the summer, which taste amazing all on their own, so I didn’t want to doctor them up too much.

I sauteed some onion and garlic, added the tomatoes and cooked them a bit. Took it off the heat, added goat cheese and rice, stuffed the peppers, and put in the oven. I didn’t have parsley so I just garnished it with parmigiano. It was quite tasty.

But, this is something I would easily do with leftover risotto, so this recipe wasn’t super revolutionary. I am also still getting used to cooking for just myself, so I made way too much filling. I think, in the spirit of the book, I’ll just add some vegetable broth and call it tomato rice soup!


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