Interlude: spaghetti putanesca

Well, it is slightly boring cooking out of the same book all the time, so on the occasions that I cook from another cookbook that is on my list, I’ll post about it.

While I love pasta with a long simmered marinara or bolognese, I have to admit – I love dishes like this even more. While cooking the pasta, you create a quick sauce and finish cooking the pasta right in the skillet with the sauce. It’s amazing how tasty something so quick and simple can be.

This is what I love about Rachel Roddy’s book, My Kitchen in Rome. I’ll explain more about the book when I actually feature it, but there are lots of simple pasta dishes that take little time to throw together.

Putanesca is made with anchovy, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, capers, olives, and finished with parsley. I am not a fan of olives (the horror!), so I left them out. I also didn’t have parsley, so I put some cheese on it. I know this isn’t done with seafood dishes (which I guess includes anchovy and capers?), but I did it anyway!! And I loved it. So simple, so good.


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