Black bean burgers

I made a batch of black beans and my landlord randomly gave me some buns on the weekend, so I decided to make the black bean burgers from the book.

I love veggie burgers. In my opinion, they are so much tastier than meat burgers. And there is so much you can do with them in terms of flavour profiles. The possibilities are endless. However…they generally fall apart, especially when you smoosh them in between bread! Even if you get the outside nice and crispy, the middle is generally still mushy. It’s annoying. This is why I generally eat them sans bun. It’s just easier! Every time I try a new recipe, I hope it will be different…

…unfortunately, it wasn’t this time. These burgers were quite fragile – which he warns in the recipe – and they got all smooshed in the bun. Alone, they were kind of dry and not really that fun to eat. But…in a bun with all the fixins’, I ate two. They were really tasty. Maybe next time I’d add another egg. I ate them with avocado, lettuce, cheese and pickled red onion.

I’m not sure I’ll make them again; I have other burger recipes that work better and taste good without a bun. But I’ll enjoy this batch!




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