Crispy black bean tacos

I needed a dish to use up the last of the black beans, so I picked the the crispy black bean tacos from the book. Really simple recipe. Essentially a quesadilla; he may call it a taco because he wants you to use corn tortillas instead of flour…? Not sure. At any rate, you mix the beans with cumin, paprika, cilantro and red onion (which I left out because, of course, I didn’t have any). Grate some melting cheese (I used some cheddar I had in the fridge). Get your tortillas ready. Put one on the skillet, fill half with beans and cheese, fold over the other side. Let it crisp up, then flip. Voila.

These were good, but I think I made a couple mistakes when cooking them. I used too much oil so they ended up kind of greasy. I do have a new cast iron pan, so next time I’ll do them on there, without oil, or just a little bit of butter (grilled cheese style). I also did not put enough cheese on! And I was in a rush, so I didn’t serve with guacamole, which, let’s face it, makes everything tastier.

I also made my own corn tortillas. Confession…I haven’t always loved these. The process is simple. Masa + water = tortillas. And I have figured out how to roll them without too much trouble (the first couple are always sacrificial lambs though!). I just find them bland and dry. I don’t enjoy using them for tacos. I love eating them in Mexico, but I suspect that they have access to way fresher flour…? So…even though it’s not traditional, I added a little butter into this batch, à la Mark Bittman. And, I think I liked them better. I’ll keep experimenting.





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