Forty-minute pho

I love soup, so I really wanted to try this recipe. Everyone raves about pho. I’ve had it exactly once, years ago, so I don’t really remember what it is supposed to taste like. That’s a shame because I live in a city with probably hundreds of amazing Pho restaurants.

I basically simmered chicken stock (homemade; made with both chicken and beef soup bones) with ginger, cloves, a cinnamon stick, fish sauce and a bit of sugar. I added baby bok choy, cilantro, mint and lime. I actually followed the  recipe fairly closely.

I put a small amount of thin rice noodles in bowl, topped with a bit of flank steak I pre-cooked, and poured the soup over top, cooking the noodles and the steak.

It was…good? I think I liked it the more I ate it. But I’m not used to cinnamon and cloves being in my soup, and it seemed a bit over-powering. I think I need to go out and try some restaurant pho to compare!

Will I make it again? Probably not.

Update to the last post – I cooked it quesadilla style on my cast iron with no oil, and I liked it much better. Especially with more cheese!


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