Verdict: Love Your Leftovers

Well, here we go. First verdict post! May is not quite over, but I am starting to get tired of cooking out of this book, so it’s time for a change.

And…I’m torn and not sure I can make a decision. Is there a maybe pile? Am I undermining my own project already?!

Let’s run through the questions I posed at the onset of this project:

  • Did I actually find ten recipes that I wanted to make? Yes, but I only blogged about 9. As mentioned, I’m stopping a bit early because the recipe selection isn’t diverse enough. I’m bored! I don’t want to eat more tacos!
  • Did the recipes work as written? I can’t really answer this honestly, because I made so many substitutions to work with what I had on hand. But, I would say that there were no failures. Every recipe I did was pretty solid.
  • Were the recipes tasty? On the whole, yes. There weren’t any knock outs, but all of them were solid weeknight meals.
  • Does the book use ingredients I like to cook with? Generally yes. It’s a pretty basic book, so there are no crazy ingredients you can’t find. But, he tends to add Sriracha a lot…!
  • Are the majority of the recipes my style of cooking? Generally, yes. I like the salads, tacos, vegetarian burgers etc.
  • Did I learn something new? Definitely no. It’s all basic types of dishes that I already knew how to make.

So…I’m still on the fence. I think I might just go through and take a few notes on the recipes that worked well for me, and then give it away to someone who could use it more than me.


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