Asparagus, shallot, basil and parm frittata

Asparagus season is here!!!!

It feels like spring took forever to get here. Local produce has barely started up here in the Big White North. I’ve been eating the rhubarb that’s been growing in my garden, but that’s about it. But finally, local asparagus is in the stores! Asparagus is one of those things that I only eat in spring – and not any other time of the year. So I eat a lot of it…

My first recipe out of the Bishop book is this asparagus, shallot, basil and parm frittata. I’ve made frittatas many times; they are a super quick, clean the fridge kind of meal. This was a classic combination of flavours and, not surprisingly, tasty.

This was the first time that I used a cast iron pan to make it. In the past, I’ve just put the egg/vegetable combination in a pie plate and baked it. This time I did it the traditional way – let it set on the stove and then transferred to the broiler. It worked really well, although it fell apart a  little bit getting it out of the pan!



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