Pasta and white bean soup w/ rosemary and garlic

I have lots of broth in the freezer that needs used (so more can be transferred from the old place!), so I made this soup from Bishop’s book.

Essentially it is Pasta e Fagioli, which, surprisingly, I’ve actually never made before. I started with a large pot of his cannellini beans recipe. Basically you simmer the soaked beans gently in water with garlic and bay leaves, adding salt near the end of cooking. They were good, and creamier than what I normally can produce. Win!

If the beans are done and you have stock made, it’s a super easy soup. Onion, garlic, rosemary sauteed in oil, then add some tomatoes, and then the stock. Then you add some pasta, let that cook until done, and then the beans. Adjust for seasoning and voila. A perfectly tasty, hearty soup. Would be better in winter, but I’ll take it any season!



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