Interlude…and a confession: Shaved asparagus pizza

So…this project was all about trimming down my cookbook collection. And then I went and bought a new one! Whoops. I got Ken Forkish’s Flour, Salt, Yeast, Water. I wanted to try another bread making book, since I wasn’t totally happy with the results from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

I killed two birds with one stone with this recipe. The dough is Forkish’s overnight pizza dough. The topping is from Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook. I added caramelized onion to the shaved asparagus, parm, and mozzarella. I’ve made this before and really like it. But the real reason I made pizza, was to test out the dough.

And…I really liked it. It wasn’t too chewy, the edges rose well, and the flavour was tasty. The first one didn’t brown really well, so with the second one, I finished it off under the broiler. And it looked great! (I think). My only problem now is stretching them properly. The first one was better than this one. I guess I’ll just have to practice…and eat more pizza in the process!


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