Interlude: Parlsey-caper sauce

A simple recipe from Deborah Madison’s classic book on vegetarian cooking, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

Basically parsley, capers  (which I decreased because they are pungent!), lemon juice and zest, shallots (I used green garlic, which I got from the farmer’s market the previous evening), salt, vinegar and olive oil. If you aren’t a fan of capers, you could easily leave them out. I’ve got lots of herbs growing in my garden, so I have a feeling that green herb sauces like this are going to be a big part of eating this summer!

It’s a quick, tasty dressing that you can use to perk up pretty much anything. I’ll likely use it on all the leftover vegetables I have to eat in the fridge this weekend, and it would be really nice with fish.

I’m thinking that for the summer – July and August – I’m going to pick this book and one other to focus on. Summer is a great time to focus on a book that goes all out on the vegetables, but I don’t want to get sick of it (as has been happening), so pairing it with another seems to be the way to go.


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