Swiss Chard with almonds and raisins

I am always kind of iffy on chard. I can eat it in soups and stews, where it’s flavour is tempered by the other ingredients, but, honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of it sauteed. However, I got some in my CSA and decided to give it a whirl. I thought the raisins and nuts might balance out the bitterness a bit more.

The recipe is simple. Basically it’s sauteed chard in garlic and onion, with raisin and toasted almonds added at the end. I had some cashews already toasted, so I used those instead. And I think the recipe called for golden raisins, but again, all I had were the normal ones.

It’s ok. Still has that bitter chard flavour. I should probably blanch it in salted water liked I used to before sauteeing. It’s just an annoying extra step, especially in the heat of summer. I’ll eat it, but I think I need to save chard for soups!


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