Beet greens and ricotta pie (River Cottage)

Ah, the tart disaster of 2016….

Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It’s still edible. Actually, it’s quite tasty. It was just a bit of an ordeal to make!

I’m pretty competent with pie dough, but when I rolled it out, it kept cracking. I kept patching. I got it in the tart pan, then blind baked it. And it cracked a bit on the bottom again. Not a huge deal, but with a quiche filling, I knew it would seep through. It did. So I’ve got a lovely layer of baked filling, then pastry, then more filling. I also forgot to season the filling.

The filling is good – egg/cream/milk, ricotta, and sauteed onion, beet greens, a bit of spinach from my garden. It would make a good frittata, which is also less finicky to make!



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