Vegetarian Biryani

Finally, a recipe out of the cookbook I’m supposed to be featuring!

Unfortunately, it’s not a keeper 😦

I’ve never made a biryani before. My understanding is that it’s a curry rice dish with vegetables and/or meat. This version had to you cook the rice, cook the curry (all vegetables), layer the rice on top and then put it in the oven. Then you put caramelized onions and nuts on top.

I did that. I’m not sure what the extra time in the oven accomplished. I would just cook the two components and serve the stew on top of the rice. There was quite a bit of water left in the bottom of the pot, so I ended up just mixing everything together (as you can see).

I’m not a big fan of the flavour here. It tastes heavily of cinnamon to me and is just kind of a blah dish. Unfortunately I have to eat it the rest of the week; the plan is to make some raita to hopefully give it a bit more flavour.


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