A change of pace…

So I wasn’t all that successful this summer with my cookbook challenge. Life got busy and I got in the habit of eating summer vegetables in simple, tried and true ways. The cookbooks I chose were also huge ones that seemed daunting. Time to change tracks a bit.

I’ve decided to go back to my smaller, more focused cookbooks, as I think it will be less daunting to cook out of them and make a decision on them. I’ve chosen four to highlight over the next little while:

Weeknight Wonders: This is one that has never really captivated me. I’ve had it for a long time. Everything in it is pretty basic, and there is no real hook (other than easy dinners) or personality to the book. I’m learning that I want two things in a cookbook: good recipes, and a good story or something that makes the book a little more special, suitable for nighttime reading 🙂 I can see letting this book go quite easily, but I’ll give it a try.

Budget Bytes: This book is based on a blog I really like. She makes simple, but tasty, food. I like cooking from the blog, but a few perusals through the book haven’t really excited me. I have made one recipe so far – the pork tenderloin with cranberry sauce – and I didn’t really like it. So we’ll see – I think I can easily let this go to a home with a more novice cook.

Deliciously Ella: Another based-on-a-blog book, this time one of those who is gluten free, vegan etc. etc. I’m not sure why I bought it, to be honest. I don’t mind cooking like this, and I find much of it can be very tasty, but again, not one that I get super excited about. But this week I’m going to try her falafel salad and chickpea wraps.

Oh She Glows: Yet another vegan book based on a blog. She’s very popular and I have friends who love her. I find her recipes hit and miss, but enough hits that I’ll continue to give the book a shot. I’ve made a few things already. Her faux ceasar dressing is great. And I remember eating Thai inspired veggie burgers that were really good (if fragile).

So that’s the plan. I also decided to simply let go of a few books without more testing. None of the recipes excited me: Cheap, fast, good (a book that I used a lot in my younger days, but doesn’t really offer me anything now); Simple and Simply Delicious (a French/Mediterranean inspired cookbook); Me, Myself and Pie. Life’s too short cooking things you don’t really want to cook.




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