Budget Bytes – Lentil and sausage stew

My second try from Budget Bytes was a winner! Although, it’s hard to put sausage in a stew and have it taste bad. This wasn’t complicated…saute onion, add sausage, add stock and vegetables and then the lentils. Cook until the lentils and vegetables are cooked. I did change it a bit (surprise, surprise) – I… Continue reading Budget Bytes – Lentil and sausage stew

Deliciously Ella – failed chickpea wraps

My first recipe from Deliciously Ella was decidedly…not delicious. These seemed like socca (chickpea flatbread), so I decided to give them a go. You are supposed to mix chickpea flour, water, some herbs and a bit of salt. It was supposed to be a loose batter, but mine was really thick, so | added water… Continue reading Deliciously Ella – failed chickpea wraps