Gordon Ramsay: Blueberry and ricotta pancakes

Today was a long day. Up at 430am, 6 hours on planes, and a few more hours cooling my heels in airports. I arrived home to a nearly empty fridge, tired and hungry. The only sensible solution here is pancakes (even when you have frozen soup on hand!).

I had some ricotta that I put in the freezer before my trip, and a search through Eat Your Books turned up a blueberry and ricotta pancake recipe in Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking: Everything You Need to Know To Make Fabulous Food. Gordon Ramsay seems to have two personalities – the arrogant ass found on shows like Kitchen Nightmare and the tamer, more professional, even, dare I say, likable chef found in the show that this book originated from – Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking.  I caught some of these shows on one of the cooking channels and found them very enjoyable. The recipes in the book seem interesting and doable, for the most part. I’ve made one – a Thai inspired noodle soup – which was good, although didn’t blow me away.

This is a fairly basic pancake recipe (they all are roughly the same anyway), similar to the one I usually make that uses yogurt instead of ricotta. I didn’t have blueberries, so I left them out, and served them with peaches, honey and yogurt (as he suggests in the book). He wants you to whip the egg whites before folding them in; I’m sure I didn’t do that properly (as I’ve never done it before), and I’m not sure of its purpose, as he doesn’t explain it (which would have been nice).

The pancakes, however, were still tasty. Fairly dense and moist, which is how I like them. I’m not a fan of the dryer pancakes you often find in restaurants or diners. I’m glad I left them basic, because I can eat the leftovers with jam, applesauce, or peanut butter. They didn’t blow me away, but the recipe is a keeper.




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