Florentine: Fennel frittata

Second recipe from the new book, Florentine. I love fennel, which is interesting because I had never heard of it before I met my ex. His parents – Italian – ate it a lot. At first I wasn’t a fan (because it has a licorice taste), but the more I ate it, I began to like it. Then I discovered it roasted, and that was it. My. Favourite. Vegetable.

Surprisingly, I have never put it in a frittata, so when I saw the recipe in Florentine, I immediately bought some fennel. The recipe wants you to boil the fennel segments, but I love it roasted, so that’s what I did. Other than that, it’s pretty simple – just eggs and parm. It’s a subtle taste – cooking fennel mellows it out – but that’s not a bad thing in my books.


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