Mamushka – Holubtsi

Another new addition to my collection is Mamushka, a collection of Eastern European recipes from a Ukrainian chef based in Britain. My great grandparents came to Canada from Ukraine, and my grandfather actually ministered to Ukrainian communities throughout the prairies. We didn’t grow up with Ukrainian food traditions, but I’ve started discovering them as an adult. This is a beautiful book.

I love cabbage rolls, so decided to make them the other day. I intended to follow the recipe in the book, but it seemed like it would be a little bland. In the past I’ve made the recipe on Smitten Kitchen, so I did a combination of the two. I used a mix of beef and pork, sauteed onion, parsnip and carrot (and cooked them in white wine), and made my own tomato sauce. They were really tasty – the carrot and parsnip saute really punched up the flavour. I made a ton and ate them all week.


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