Zahav – Quinoa, pea and mint tabbouleh

And…I have another couple new additions, both Middle Eastern cookbooks. Smitten Kitchen posted a recipe for a Brussels sprout salad based on a salad from the book Zahav. It was amazing. I remembered that I love Middle Eastern cuisine – especially the vegetables. The flavours are so fresh and vibrant. So then I got obsessed with finding a new Middle Eastern cookbook. I found two.

Zahav was written by an Israeli chef based in the United States. It’s also a beautiful book (as most seem to be these days!). I decided to make the quinoa tabbouleh this weekend. But…I, of course, did not have enough quinoa. So, I used bulgur, which I also love and is actually more traditional (I think). The rest of the ingredients were mashed peas, lots of parsley, mint, and a lemon dressing. I had some green beans leftover from something else, so I later chopped them up and added them. I also had leftover fish, so I’m going to add it for my lunch tomorrow. Definite winner!


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