Bread, bread, and more bread…

For some reason, I’ve been obsessed with practicing bread this week. After months of making none of it (baking bread in the summer heat is not fun), I’ve made it three times this week. That’s a lot of bread hanging out in my freezer.

The no-knead bread is such an internet sensation that I decided I needed to try it. I had tried the Lahey version awhile ago, but wasn’t a fan. This week I used the Ken Forkish version in Flour, Salt, Water and Yeast (which is similar, but includes some folding). Maybe I’m crazy, but I just don’t like it. While the crumb is awesome and the crust nice and crispy, I find the texture gummy and I don’t like the taste. So I made breadcrumbs with it.

My second attempt was the French bread out of the Bread Baker’s Apprentice. I’ve made it before, and liked it. I wanted, however, to try baking it in the dutch oven. It worked great! But I didn’t cover the baguettes, resulting in a dull, not attractive looking crust.

Then I tried the Italian bread out of the same book. It’s an enriched bread – with oil – so I was hoping the crumb would be a bit softer. It worked really well and was very tasty! That’s the bread in the picture above. I scored them deeper than normal and that had good results. But, I think my scoring deflated it a bit too much and the crumb was a bit denser than I would have liked.

Tonight I tried another Forkish recipe – the overnight white bread with poolish. I did one boule in the dutch oven and two baguettes. I tried a foil tent with the baguettes to get a proper crust and it worked great, as you can see below. It is super tasty. Again, the crumb is denser than I would like, but, again, I think that is due to my sucky scoring ability.


But now I need to stop. I have enough bread to feed a small army and no more room in the freezer.




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