The Kitchn: Baked brown rice, lentils and cauliflower with cucumber yogurt sauce

I hate brown rice. Am I allowed to say that in this era of demonizing everything white? But I had a bunch of leftover rice  (wild and brown combined) that I had to figure out what to do with.

To be fair, I didn’t exactly cook it properly so it was gummy. That certainly didn’t help its cause.

I found this recipe in The Kitchn cookbook. I haven’t cooked out of this book for a while, so I decided to give it a go. It’s a take on mujaddara, a Middle Eastern rice and lentil dish.

Since the rice was already cooked, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. I cooked up some lentils separately, caramelized some onions, roasted the cauliflower with paprika and cumin, and made the cucumber sauce.

It’s not amazing – because of my rice – but it’s totally edible with the cucumber sauce. Good thing I made double.


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