The pizza dough of my dreams…

And it was lurking in my cookbooks.

I’ve been experimenting with pizza recipes for a few years now. Mostly complicated recipes with 00 flour and long rising times in the fridge. Pizza was good, but not amazing. The dough wasn’t soft; it was often too dense. Likely because I can’t cook it at 900 degrees in a wood fired oven. That all changed tonight!

The recipe is from River Cottage Veg. I’ve used it for flatbread before and decided to try it out for pizza. Two hour rising time, half bread, half all purpose flour. When I got it in the oven, the crust edge really puffed up. I was scared that it was going to be really bready…but it wasn’t. It had big air pockets and was soft and chewy. I was really amazed. The topping wasn’t the best – some garlic scape pesto I had in the freezer since 2014 and cheese – but bring on the fresh summer tomatoes and basil!

The only change would be to stretch it a bit thinner.


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