French Brasserie Cookbook – Braised cabbage

Cabbage is actually one of my favourite things to eat. I love stuffed cabbage, and I love braised cabbage. Cook it in good things and it is lovely to eat!

I needed a quick side for some other dishes I made (chicken, risotto), so I bought what felt like the heaviest cabbage at the grocery store. I cut it up, froze two bags of it, and braised the rest.

I found a recipe for braised cabbage in the French Brasserie Cookbook. It was a pretty basic cabbage recipe – blanch it, then saute with finely diced carrot in butter, salt, pepper. I’m not sure why it’s called “braised” cabbage, since there is nothing in the recipe that indicates adding more liquid to braise…so I did add a bit of chicken stock. I wanted braised cabbage. It was the right call.


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