Dolce Familgia: Eggplant pasta

This is a new cookbook on the shelf. I didn’t technically buy it, but won it. But I guess I did really buy it because I had to pay into the prize fund…but who’s counting?

I think this is the most recent book from David Rocco, an Italian Canadian author. He’s had television shows etc. I find him kind of annoying, but his recipes do tend to work (especially the more traditional Italian ones), so I picked up the book.

No picture since I was making it for someone else and totally forgot. Essentially I cooked up a basic tomato sauce, fried some eggplant (after draining it for a couple hours) and added it. Then added the cooked pasta (I used rigatoni). You are supposed to add some fior di latte, which I had, but it had grown mold, so I decided not to risk it and just grated on some parm. It was really good, which is great as I am not always the biggest fan of eggplant.




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